Home Security Measures

Safety is essential in a home.  The safer the home, the safer the occupants, and property.  It is essential that homeowners feel that they and their family, as well as their belongings, are safe and secure.  Following are a few safety tips.

Doors and Locks

If you have had the same locks on your home for a number of years, consider having the locks rekeyed.  Over the years, it is not uncommon for homeowners to lose or give out keys to different service providers and neighbors.  It is also easy to lose track of these keys.  You may have failed to have keys returned when a service provider is dismissed, lost keys at one time or another, or have them with family or friends.  Every few years, you should rekey your home for security purposes.

Burglars are well aware of the most vulnerable spots in a home.  Experience, as well as statistics, show that burglars can break into a home in a matter of seconds.  Most enter through the front, back or garage doors.  Garage doors are typically the weakest point of entry with the next being the back door.  On exterior doors, install high quality Grade 1 or Grade 2 locks.  Quality deadbolts locks are also a top choice for a door. and also choose a best locksmith.

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Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Latches are used to protect sliding glass doors, not locks.  This leave the door vulnerable to break-ins.  By placing a stick or wooden dowel in the door’s track movement is eliminated. This in turn, makes it much more difficult to break in through the door.  Fold down blocking devices are also a means to secure the door and often referred to as “charley bars”.


Windows are vulnerable for two reasons.  They are often left open, and their locking system also is one that doesn’t provide the proper security.  Most windows have a latch, which means that a secondary locking system is essential.  Cheap wooden dowels and sticks are great to secure horizontal windows as they become a security barrier between burglars and thieves.  Also, crime devices like window alarms and decals are a great asset to keep your home safe.


Interior and exterior lighting are essential to give the impression that there is life in the home, as well as the outside, is properly protected.  A dark homes to a burglar means a great home to enter.  Don’t send messages that alert burglars that your home is vulnerable.  Set the inside lighting up on automatic timers, and have motion lights installed on the exterior of the home.

Alarm Systems

When it comes to protecting your home, a security system is one of the ultimate security devices.  Security alarm systems are effective, and reduce the risk of burglary.  When choosing an alarm, consider one that connects to the security company as when the sirens go off, the company will immediately be alerted.  In return, you will quickly have a response team on the way.

Home security is a priority.  Consider speaking with your local residential or Commercial Locksmith for your best options to protect your home from burglary.

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