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The one thing you want to be sure of when it comes to your security is who is managing it. What you want on your side, besides expertise, is experience and the trust that flows from it. It is, after all, the security of your Home, or Business, we are talking about. A quick and easy way to improve the safety and security of your Residential or Commercial property is through Digital Lock Installation.

We help you understand Digital Lock Technology and Install it  

Perth Emergency Locksmiths (we call ourselves, PEL, for short) is a pioneer of Digital and Smart Lock Technology. We’ve been helping businesses in Perth and its surrounding suburbs with Digital Lock Installation for nearly 5 years now.

Digital Lock Installation

Why we recommend Digital Locks?

  1. They offer a higher level of security than ordinary locks with Lock Installation.
  2. They are no longer as expensive as they used to be – prices of locks start from $150 (installation is extra) – for a detailed quote please call us on 0481 356 257.
  3. They use passcodes which you can reset when ever you like.
  4. Many are RFID tagged – which means you can operate them using your Smartphone or a swipe card.
  5. They deter burglars from targeting your home or business as they are very hard (even for less experienced locksmiths) to open.

Our name opens more doors than Gina Rhinehart’s does  

We’re not kidding you. With over a decade of being in the locksmithing business, we’ve opened no less than 10,000 doors across the City of Perth and its neighbouring suburbs.

Licensed – we support ‘Young Lochinvars’                                                          ‘Young Lockinvars’is a programme we’ve put into place to train young locksmiths to achieve the high professional standards our customers in both the residential and commercial sectors expect them to.

Young Lockinvars gives young people the break they need –the opportunity to work with an experienced team of Locksmiths who will help them hone and develop their skills – not just in the area of locksmithing but also the area of professional courtesy, punctuality, reliability and service.

Ready to embrace the future? Digital Locks are a ‘key’ part of it 😊 

At Perth Emergency Locksmiths (PEL), we’re not only ready with the technology, we can also help you install and maintain it – if you need us to.

Usually, we are able to help you choose a Lock that will suit your requirements, install and train you on how to set or reset the codes or how to operate the Lock (if it’s RFID) using an app we’d help you download to your mobile phone.

If you’d like to be part of the future (who doesn’t?), give us a call at Perth Emergency Locksmith on 0481 356 257 – we’d be only too happy to help!