Protecting Your Residence When You Are Travelling : What You Need to Know December 9, 2019

Every year many Australians travel within the country and overseas to relax and take a break from their hectic lives. With the Christmas holidays coming up, Perth Emergency Locksmiths have put together this guide to help you keep your home safe and secure when you’re away on vacation.  Residential & Commercial Locksmiths Security In Perth […]

Where Can I Get a Replacement Car Key Remote in Perth? November 11, 2019

It happens to the best of us: we get to our car, reach into our pockets for our car keys and poof! They’re gone! Getting an Automotive Perth Locksmith to replace modern car keys is far more complicated than it used to be. In the past, your average key cutter could cut a replacement for […]

How to Choose the Right Commercial Locksmith in Perth? September 25, 2019

Whether you run a small, medium or large business, having a reliable Commercial Locksmith Perth on speed dial is essential. But with so many locksmiths to choose from, how can you find the right one for your business? This guide will help you understand what you need to be looking for when choosing a Commercial […]


Modern vehicles both in Perth and around the world mostly use transponder keys. Why? Because they provide a greater level of security than traditional keys. And, as you know, car keys are a “key” part of your life. Tiny computer chips inside transponder keys are programmed with unique serial numbers, which have to match the […]

How much does it cost to get a car key copied? June 15, 2019

It all depends on what car and what key you are talking about. If your car is a standard car with a standard key fitted to it, the cost could be as little as $100 – depending on where you are relative to where your locksmith is. Transponder Keys Perth If your car is a […]

How to choose a commercial locksmiths In Perth May 20, 2019

The value of equipment in a small business can easily be in the vicinity of $20,000 or more. This makes securing the premises by utilizing the services of a Commercial Locksmiths very important. Should a thief break into your office, they can gain access to your assets, both physical and assets in the form of […]

Digital Lock Installation: from a Locksmith you can Trust December 13, 2018

Request a Quote – receive it in 30 Minutes – MAX It’s a jungle out there – when it comes to Digital Locks. There are so many brands to choose from- Samsung, Kwikset, KEVO, Lockwood, SALTO, Schlage, Airkey, Covetek, Carbine, Kaba, Yale and others. Perth Emergency Locksmiths can advise you on which Digital Lock suits […]

Smart Lock Installation Builds Safer Communities December 4, 2018

How “Smart Lock Installation” Can Build Safer Communities in Perth Smart Locks Installation enhance safety and can make the City of Perth a safer and more secure place to live in. Perth is a beautiful city whose aim is to provide its citizens and its visitors with an environment that is safe, welcoming and enjoyable […]

How to Trick the Burglar into Thinking everybody is Home? November 12, 2018

When the house is vacant, there are more chances that a home break-in will occur. Vacant homes are easier for burglars to do their job swiftly with less fear of getting caught. Burglars avoid breaking in a house in the presence of residents especially if they are awake. Here are a few smart ways to […]