Smart Lock Installation in Perth

Worried about your residential or commercial property? Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to a newer, better and ‘smarter’ entry system – it’s time to upgrade to a keyless smart lock system. Smart Lock Installation should be your priority when it comes to improving your home or businesses security.

Smart Locks are, as the name suggests, smarter alternatives to traditional door locks. They offer convenience and ease of use, but not at the expense of safety and security. In fact, a keyless smart lock offers much more foolproof security to your home or office.

What is a Smart Lock System?

A Smart Lock system is a battery-powered electronic system that can be operated with the help of an app on your phone. A Smart Lock is the new-age entry system that provides fortified security and combines that with convenience. The Smart Locks that are available in the market here in Perth, Australia use wireless technologies (such as Bluetooth, Wifi, and Z-Wave) to operate. As mentioned earlier, they are battery powered, making them invulnerable to sudden power outages.

Smart Lock Installation Perth

Why opt for a Keyless Entry System?

If you’re wondering what the benefits of going keyless are, here are just a few:

• Simplify your life – With a Smart Lock, your smartphone becomes your ‘key’, providing you with access to your home. So, you don’t have to carry around your physical keys.
• Secure your home – Its ease of use is deceptive, providing an illusion of simplicity, while in fact, smart locks are sophisticated devices that come equipped with high-level encryption, making them virtually unbreachable.
• Give remote access to anyone, from anywhere – You don’t have to hand over your house keys in person for someone to be able to enter your home. With smart locks, you can simply send them an access code through your phone and they can use that to gain entry into your home.
• Monitor who enters and leaves the house – Smart locks can alert you when someone enters or leaves your home. So, you will always be in the know as to who’s in the house and who’s not.
• Stay updated with regular software updates – “Smart Lock Manufacturers regularly update the software to improve security and reduce the risk of security” breaches. With such regular updates, your ‘smart lock’ stays smart and doesn’t become obsolete.
• No way to copy or duplicate keys – One of the biggest concerns with a traditional lock and key systems is that duplicating or making copies of the key is very easy. But with smart locks, this becomes next to impossible as there is no ‘mechanical key’ to worry about. You can provide access to friends, guests and neighbours by providing them with a temporary access code (which is a pin number that you can share with them through your phone). And when they’re done with their visit and no longer need access, you can delete the pin, making it ineffective in the future.

With Smart Lock Installation, you can get your home’s security on your fingertips, literally! To get a quote or guidance on how a smart lock can help your home or office premises and How Smart Lock Installation can Builds for Safer Communities, call Perth Emergency Locksmiths at 0481 356 257.