Smart Lock Installation Builds Safer Communities

Smart Lock Installation Builds Safer Communities

How “Smart Lock Installation” Can Build Safer Communities in Perth

Smart Locks Installation enhance safety and can make the City of Perth a safer and more secure place to live in.

Perth is a beautiful city whose aim is to provide its citizens and its visitors with an environment that is safe, welcoming and enjoyable for all – regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation.

By strengthening communities and building better bonds between them, the City of Perth shows the world the way to fostering relations that reduce fear and the crime that accompanies it.
In such a beautiful city, can installing Smart Locks play a role in building better citizens and communities?

Well, it’s a bit like this – Smart Locks are near ‘cent-per-cent’ burglar proof. They are impossible to ‘pick’ using the traditional methods thieves are used to, which involve using a piece of wire to turn the bolts to gain access.

Operated by an app on your mobile phone, Smart Lock Technology allows you to open or lock a door from wherever you are in Australia, or the world, using wi-fi or blue tooth technology. Combine this with Cameras that you may have installed in your Home, and you can ensure you keep an eye on it – no matter where in the world you are – whether on business or holiday!

Is Perth a Safe City?

By and large, yes, Perth is a safe city. However, like all major cities, there are certain suburbs where crime is present at a level that is higher than the average the Australian Federal Government sets as benchmarks to monitor, manage and reduce crime.

Recently, Phil Hickey, the journalist for the online news site “WAToday” wrote that the three suburbs with the highest number of burglaries and break-ins in WA were Gosnells, Thornlie and Morley.

The data was published by The Insurance Company RACV who based it on the number of claims they received from damages from their customers. Morley was followed by the suburb of Daniella. Boulder, in the Goldfield’s region, was the only regional West Australian suburb to make the list. This is the second year in a row that Morley has topped the list.

What the City of Perth is doing to enhance safety?

The City of Perth has a plan to address crime. Titled The Community Safety Plan, it is based on 4 key tenets: The importance of a connected local neighbourhood where people know one another:

• Activating public places so people have a safe place meet to meet/socialise
• Visible police presence and/or security patrols
• Improved lighting in streets to reduce the probability of crime
• Increase activity in a public area
• Activity to maintain awareness of crime between community and police
• Integration between the Department of Housing and the Police on combatting anti-social behaviour
• Enhancement neighbourhood connections and social capital

Can you Install Smart Locks yourself?

Possibly – though it’s best to leave the task to an experienced Commercial and/or Residential Locksmith whose done Smart lock Installation before.

Perth Emergency Locksmiths is Smart Lock friendly. Having advised and installed them for many of our clients, we manage the entire process of Auditing your Security and coming up with a Structured Plan to Enhance it efficiently. Once we develop your Security Plan – whether you’re a Residential or Business customer, we then Install your Locks – managing your security for you as well – if you wish us to.

Is your suburb on the Map when it comes to crime? Find out here.

For Smart Lock Installation in Perth and other locksmith services, contact Perth Emergency Locksmiths at 0481 356 257.

Content author: Clixpert Digital Agency