Security Tips from A Professional Locksmith in Perth

So, often times it happens that we leave our homes under immense threat without even knowing about it. We make mistakes and our ignorance leads to our homes becoming a potential target for robbery, and also puts us and our loved ones in danger. This is not how it should be; our homes must be the place where we feel safest and in order for them to be safe, we must know the dos and don’ts when it comes to home security.

Here’s a guide from Perth Emergency Locksmiths on home security. 

Security Tips


How to Keep Your Home Off A Burglar’s Target List?

As Professional Locksmiths in Perth, we get called out to help home owners who’ve had their homes broken into. It’s a very scary scenario that can leave you feeling vulnerable and unsure. At Perth Emergency Locksmiths, we are committed to empowering home owners, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you out. 

Here are some of the most common mistakes that home owners make that lead to their homes becoming a potential target for burglars. 

Unlocked Doors and Windows

You’re probably thinking how you always lock the doors when leaving but that’s what nearly everyone takes care of and not what makes your house a target. The mistake you make is not keeping the doors and windows locked when you are in the house. 

It could be broad daylight and you could be feeling ‘safe’ in one part of your house while the other part of your house is being robbed because you left a window or a backdoor entrance open.

Publicising Your Absence

It is quite common for families to announce their plans for a vacation openly to the neighbourhood and friends and even on social media. This is a grave mistake to make because burglars are always looking out for such an opportunity. It’s like you giving a proper schedule of the best time to rob your property. People eavesdrop and you never know who’s stalking you online. Why risk giving them the opportunity to invade your home? Keep your vacation plans on the down low to keep your home secure. 

Fake Security Cameras

Whatever you do, do not fake security. A burglar has probably seen many dummy cameras before and when you showcase a dummy camera it makes your house a potential target because it means that you do not have proper security systems to defend your home. And many home owners tend to be lax with their security, assuming that the fake security cameras will scare away the miscreants. 

Putting Off Regular Security System Maintenance and Updates 

Security systems are bound to become outdated over time or may have other issues as time goes by. However, we usually tend to assume that they will work on forever once installed which once again is a grave mistake. Security systems should be regularly checked for problems so as to avoid any risks. We strongly recommend that you do a regular Security system maintenance and updates to keep your security system doing what it was meant to do – protect your home. 

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