Protecting Your Residence When You Are Travelling : What You Need to Know

Every year many Australians travel within the country and overseas to relax and take a break from their hectic lives. With the Christmas holidays coming up, Perth Emergency Locksmiths have put together this guide to help you keep your home safe and secure when you’re away on vacation. 

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Studies from the bureau of crime statistics and research has found that crime rate is the highest than average in summers, which is when most people travel. Don’t let your vacation get ruined by a break-in or burglary of your residence. Follow our simple tips to keep your home protected even when you’re not around. 

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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

A survey conducted indicated that there are few deterrents that would prohibit burglars from breaking into homes. These include visibility of property from the road, working alarm systems, grilled windows/doors, presence of dogs and lights inside the house, among others. Through these responses we can see that by a little effort we can try to ensure that our homes stay untouched while we enjoy away, these include:

  •             Install security alarm systems
  •             Invest in grills and robust locks for doors
  •             Leave the lights turned on to make it look like you are home
  •             Ask trustworthy neighbours to keep a watch, but don’t announce that you are going away!
  •             Ask a trusted family member or neighbour to collect your mail, empty your trash bins and other deliverables
  •             Even occasional watering and mowing of lawns can indicate that someone is home
  •             Ensure that side gates and sheds and garages are properly locked
  •             Don’t leave precious belongings lying around which make them more noticeable. Lock them up securely!
  •             Invest in a dog
  •             Be insured!
  •             Put valuable stuff inside safes, things like cash and jewellery

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One can find many residential locksmiths in Perth who can be of help in making yoru home more secure. Perth Emergency Auto Locksmiths offer security audits to find out potential weak spots in and around your home. We then provide you security solutions, right from motion activated flood lights to digital lock systems, to improve your home’s security. Our digital and mechanical locks and fully automated digital control systems are excellent in securing your houses against theft. We also have a wide variety of safes available to store your valuables. 

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