How to Trick the Burglar into Thinking everybody is Home?

When the house is vacant, there are more chances that a home break-in will occur. Vacant homes are easier for burglars to do their job swiftly with less fear of getting caught. Burglars avoid breaking in a house in the presence of residents especially if they are awake. Here are a few smart ways to trick a burglar into thinking you are still home even when you are not.

1. Start with your doorbell

There are various systems available in the market which allow you to answer the doorbell without physically attending to the door. This way you be notified when the doorbell rings, and you will also have the option to address the guest directly through your smartphone using a built-in speaker.

2. Fake a movie night

You can fool burglar that someone is watching tv inside by the flickering lights of a television. You can invest in a TV simulator which switches between differently coloured lights to suggest that someone is watching TV. This can be left running for six to eight hours.

3. Turn up the music

Bluetooth speakers are widely popular these days. These speakers have a variety of specifications available. You can turn on the speakers and control using an app, like switching between songs, which music to be played and for how long. This will trick the burglar into thinking there is a party going on in the house.

4. Lights On!

You can use your smartphones to control light switches remotely through home automation systems. To trigger the switching on and off of lights, you can use the motion detection feature in these systems. The lights can even turn on instantly when the doorbell rings, which can definitely make a burglar go away.

5. Car in the driveway

It is pretty obvious when a car is parked in the driveway, someone is definitely home. If you are going on a trip and your house will be vacant for a long period of time, keep a car in the driveway. You can even request your neighbour or a friend to park his car in your driveway for a couple of hours a day.

These tricks will even work if you are sound asleep at night to prevent a burglar from breaking in. If you want to secure your home from forced break-ins, contact Emergency Locksmiths Perth to upgrade your home security. Call 0481 356 257.

Content author: Clixpert Digital Agency