Modern vehicles both in Perth and around the world mostly use transponder keys. Why? Because they provide a greater level of security than traditional keys. And, as you know, car keys are a “key” part of your life.

Tiny computer chips inside transponder keys are programmed with unique serial numbers, which have to match the number programmed into your car. Inserting a key whose number does not match will ensure that your car will not start!

Transponder Keys Perth

Of course, technological advancements also mean that it’s not as easy to simply copy this key, as it was with traditional keys. If you feel like you need to keep a spare copy of keys, you can always turn to a trusted locksmith to copy the original key for you! Not many people know that automotive locksmiths are also fully equipped to duplicate transponder keys, much like your car dealership!

Transponder keys

But what happens when you need to have a car key made without the original?

Don’t be surprised! Though it may not be an everyday occurrence, there could be multiple situations in which you may be called upon to have a duplicate car key made, without the original being available to you. You might lose the original key. Automotive locksmiths in Perth are often called upon to remove broken car keys from the lock! In such a situation, a key has to be made without a reference.

Is it possible?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible! Even if it’s not as easy as having the original key there, making duplicate transponder keys in Perth is no longer a matter of worry. Here the things you need to think about!

Where can you get your new car key made in Perth?

You will have many local options available to you, and usually, all of them are equally viable. Stay calm and choose the solution that works best for your needs, such as calling an emergency Perth locksmith. If you are stuck without a key and in a hurry, this could be a better option than going all the way to your dealership. This is because automotive locksmiths are mobile and can meet you right where you are to provide assistance. They are also usually way cheaper than the dealership.

What information will you need?

If you are opting for a professional car locksmith, you really don’t need to bother about the nitty-gritty of having the key made. They will handle it all. However, to facilitate the process, whether you choose to go to the car dealership or a locksmith, there are some things you can keep a note of.

  • You can figure out what kind of key you were using – mechanical, transponder or a car key fob.
  • You can try to note down your Vehicle Identification Number (on the dashboard or engine bay) and keep a proof of ownership ready. Locksmiths use this number to figure out the code to be programmed into the new key.

How long will it take to make a new car key in Perth?

Making a new key from the VIN rather than the original takes a slightly longer time. So, on your part, the car dealership or automotive locksmith will expect patience. Remember to ask the professionals if your new key has to be programmed to your vehicle! Transponder keys will need this additional step to work.


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