How to Decide Locks For Your Home?

The safety and security of your home or neighbourhood should not be ignored. You should employ all the necessary measures to prevent intruders from making their way in. It is always best to ensure that the safety features you have in place work as well as they should and are as tough as possible because keeping your family safe is your top priority.

You will want to start from the locks on your home first. Remember, intruders will try to break in from your doors and windows. Therefore, we make your home to be as hard to break in as possible so that the intruders will give up on trying to get in. You will, of course, have to put your locks to use in order for them to actually work.

Burglaries often happen because the homeowners forget to lock the doors. So make sure you never forget to lock your doors. It can’t hurt to double check your doors and windows when you’re heading to work in the morning, no matter how much of a rush you are in. The same should be applied for when heading to bed at night time, make sure all doors and windows are locked and secured.

What locks should your home have?

1. The five lever mortise deadlock

In a mortise deadlock, a mortise – that is, a pocket – is constructed into the wall, after which the lock is secured inside. For keeping intruders out of the spaces a five lever mortise locks are very safe and work great. More security comes with a mortise lock that contains more levers.

2. Night latches

A night latch can’t provide the level of security as compared to a mortise lock. But if you combine them with a mortise lock they are a great way to add even more security to your home. Opt for a night latch that has a double locking mechanism as these are indeed the most secure night latches. Perth Emergency Locksmiths can assist you with finding high-quality night latches for your home and installing them properly.

3. Window locks

When deciding to get window locks, always go for a key operated one as they are much safer and a lot harder to break.

Start making moves toward upping your home’s security. Ensure that your home is safe, for both you and your family.

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