How much does it cost to get a car key copied?

It all depends on what car and what key you are talking about. If your car is a standard car with a standard key fitted to it, the cost could be as little as $100 – depending on where you are relative to where your locksmith is.

Transponder Keys Perth

If your car is a more modern vehicle (ie it was born after 2010), it will use a Transponder key. Transponder keys are more complicated as they need to be programmed to your car’s onboard computer. These types of keys could cost you easily from $265 to $1500 if you have lost your original car key set.

Do Transponder locks make your car theft proof?

Nothing makes a car or home 100% theft-proof. But if what you’re asking is – “do such locks improve your security, then our answer to you is yes, they do!

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Only a few locksmiths are equipped to cut keys for Transponder locks

Perth Emergency Locksmiths is one of them – no matter where your car is – we can drive to you to cut you a spare set of keys so you can get on your way again!

No emergency is too big or small for us. You could be stuck outside your home or besides a busy highway or motorway. Either way, we’ll get the help you need to you!

Perth Emergency Locksmiths has been servicing the City of Perth for decades

We know Perth the way we know cutting keys. While it’s a big city, we have enough of locksmiths on our staff rosters to get around it.

All our staff at Perth Emergency Locksmiths (PEL for short) have tertiary qualifications that make them the best at their trade.

At Perth Emergency Locksmiths (PEL) what we guarantee is workmanship

When we do a job, we do it well – first time!

We understand the need for service which is why we never cut corners nor renege on it.

With over 20,000 locksmith jobs attended to, we are Perth’s leading locksmiths  – number one because of what we pay attention to – quality, price and service!

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