How do you get back in the game when you’re locked out of it?

How do you get back in the game when you’re locked out

Let’s say there’s an NRL game on TV and you can’t get back into your house to watch it because you’ve lost your keys while getting back home from the pub.

Well, what you want, more than anything else is a locksmith who’ll get to you faster than your annoyance will.

That locksmith is PEL- Perth Emergency Locksmiths

Perth Emergency Locksmiths is a mobile locksmith business that services all of Perth’s domestic, commercial and safe lock needs. Operating 24 hours, and 7 days a week, we get to you before our competitors do.

Experienced, professional and quick, we have a team of Locksmiths – each of whom knows their job and will get you back into your home – and the game – in a jiffy!

Free quote over the phone

At PEL (Perth Emergency Locksmiths), we know that money can be tight sometimes. And while we obviously can’t give you our service for free, we CAN assure you that our prices are among the most competitive in the market!

You can shop around if you like – but the price you receive from us will always be better than the one you receive from our competitors.

Our prices – more transparent than cellophane paper is!

You know a locksmith is professional when their charges are consistent with their service.

We believe in a ‘base level’ of service – which we benchmark, measure and will not dip below. This service includes the time we take to reach our client’s home, the speed with which we get them in the door, and the quality and courtesy with which they perceive the service we render.

Our prices vary according to the time you request them

Our price list is as below:

1. Calls between 8.30 am and 5 pm: $135
2. Calls between 5 pm and 9.30 pm – $175
3. Calls between 9.30 pm and 12 am – $220
4. Calls between 12 am and 5 am – $330

Make the call and get back in your game – whatever it is! Call Perth Emergency Locksmiths at 0481 356 257.

Content author: Clixpert Digital Agency