Digital Lock Installation: from a Locksmith you can Trust

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It’s a jungle out there – when it comes to Digital Locks. There are so many brands to choose from.

Perth Emergency Locksmiths can advise you on which Digital Lock suits your needs best. We can purchase the lock, then also install it for you – at a rate that is very competitive in the market. When it comes to Digital Lock Installation Perth Emergency Locksmiths are the ones for the job.

Can you take chances with your security or your family’s?

Of course not. We’d like to present you with a set of Digital Locks that you and your partner can choose from to ensure your Christmas is a secure and safe one.

Our Top Picks when it comes to Digital Locks?

  1. Digital Locks with SmartCode

A one-touch electronic deadbolt, the digital locks takes the house and turns it

into Fort Knox. A backlit keypad makes it easy for you to punch in your combination code (which you can personalise) even at night. What the digital lock with smart code gives you is ‘keyless-entry’ to your home. You can install the lock on your door or even windows – enjoying security levels that were never possible before.

  1. Temporary Access Code

Packed with many features, what makes the digital lock cool is not just it’s a sleek black look but also its features. You can programme up to 10 different user PINS into it. This allows you to keep track of who comes and goes in your office. Temporary Access Codes can be created for Contractors such as Cleaners. You can operate the lock using a key card or an electronic keypad with pre-programmable codes.  A Built-in Alarm can sense forced-entry and immediately alert you to it.

  1. Smart Lock

The smart lock leads the way in Digital Locks for a reason. It’s called Innovation. What makes the smart lock special is its use of ‘Voice-guidance’ to help you programme and install it. 100 user access, RFID key tags and a finish that’s slicker than Michael Bevan with a bat – this is The Locksmith’s Pick of the Month from Perth Emergency Locksmiths.

Content author: Clixpert Digital Agency