Business valuable? Learn a little about “Safe Installation”

The concept of security is not just limited to door and window locks. Security is about protecting your valuables, as well. Safe installation adds an essential additional level of protection for your business. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your valuables are being adequately protected, whether it is legal documents or business records.

Let’s have a look at different categories of safes and what they are best for.

Fire Resistant

Fire resistant safes are ideal to install in commercial buildings where there is a risk of fire, to protect the assets inside from high temperatures and saving them from being destroyed. These safes can protect your valuable in case of fire for about half an hour to four hours, depending on the type and quality of the safe.

Safes that are installed within concrete walls are the best choice but they may fill with water from hoses or sprinklers in case there is a fire because they are not watertight. It is recommended to place all items inside plastic bags within fire resistant safes.

Diversion Safes

Diversion safes are a basic safe which is concealed within a normal commercial object like a book or a wall outlet. The purpose of these safes is to blend in with the rest of commercial or office items so it is harder for a burglar to guess where the valuables could be.

Jewellery Safes

Jewellery safes are small designed to store the jewellery or other small valuables. These are burglary and fire proof, as well.


Environmentally resistant safes are waterproof to withstand extended underwater submersion for a long period of time.

Burglar Resistant

Burglar resistant safes can withstand the typical variety of tools used during break-ins. These can easily withstand aggressive attack by burglars. These safes are not water or fire resistant but can certainly take the attacks by an average burglar.

Smart Safes

ATM machine is an example of a smart safe. These safes automatically give out or validate cash for a smoother and cost-effective function, especially used for banking or business operations, offering controlled and surveilled transaction area.

Room Sized Fireproof Vault

Room-sized fireproof vault contains larger materials vulnerable to heat or fire. These are a more practical choice over multiple fire rated safes if you need to store a lot of items. Larger business or government agencies usually employ these safes to store some of the most confidential security paper documents, data storage devices, and/or physical items, like gold bars.

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Content author: Clixpert Digital Agency